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Maid 2 Clean - Franchise Opportunity


About Maid2Clean …

Maid2Clean was founded by Mike Hanrahan in 1993 with a purpose to make people’s lives better. Many of us have fast-paced lives with demanding occupations. This can make it hard to keep on top of cleaning our homes or simply we’d rather spend our time outside of work doing other things.

From running his own cleaning business, Mike had built a successful business model that worked. It brought him the lifestyle he wanted. He could work flexibly from home and the business model ensured minimal risk, with a low operating cost, high-profit margin and consistent residual income.

Mike founded the Maid2Clean franchise to help create a better lifestyle for people that wanted something of their own rather than working for other people.

Maid2Clean’s home cleaning services include high quality domestic housekeeping, general cleaning and ironing. This ranges from one-off spring-cleans to regular weekly cleans. To maintain high standards, our cleaners are only accepted after a vetting and training process, before being allowed to work in our clients’ premises. After years of perfecting our trading system, we are proud to offer our business package to people with a desire to start their own business as Maid2Clean franchisees. Our comprehensive training will supply you with the appropriate knowledge and management skills to exploit this potential. 

Maid2Clean is about simplicity, consistency and uniformity of the brand, eliminating unnecessary overheads such as staff costs, equipment costs, cleaning material costs and transportation costs.

Interested in changing your lifestyle by becoming a Maid2Clean franchisee? Take a look at our available locations or contact us to enquire.

Differentiators and Unique Attributes

Mike was asked ‘What is Unique about Maid2Clean and what are its differentiators compared to other franchise systems and cleaning businesses?’

Here is Mike’s response.

“This is a great question and one I get asked all the time. Imagine we didn’t know each other and we met at a wedding. You belong to the bride’s family and I belong to the groom’s side. We sit down to have a meal and after introductions you ask me “What do you do for a living Mike?”

If I answered ‘Well I run a business that is exactly the same as my Franchisees which is different and practically unique from almost any other business you can imagine. It is not an ‘exchange your time for money’ type of company.

It’s a business that contains no staff, equipment, materials or transportation costs. It’s a business that I can say hand on heart that I’ve never met a client in 27 years of operation. The customers I’ve never met all pay in advance, usually monthly. The profit margin of the business is higher than most other cleaning businesses I know of and the best part of all is that a long term residual income is created as a natural consequence of the way it is operated. Obviously after stating such a controversial introduction I back up everything I’ve just said at our discovery-day once a non-disclosure agreement is signed.”


Maid 2 Clean - Franchise Opportunity

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