Franchise Opportunity: Donnelli’s Pizzeria

Donnelli’s Pizzeria - Franchise Opportunity


Who We Are

Donnelli’s Pizzeria offers an authentic wood-fired pizza experience with wonderful freshly made pizzas from our simple traditional menu. We combine genuine Italian pizzas with a warm, friendly, yet modern Pizzeria experience, giving the feeling that you are in Italy. Everyday the process of making the perfect pizza begins in mixing the Donnelli’s dough with the flour imported from Italy. Freshly made everyday our dough is given the time to proof and relax at the correct temperature, ensuring the perfect pizza, full of flavour light and crisp.

Donnelli’s is a family run Pizzeria. We aspire to deliver a freshly handmade, full of flavour pizza. From the Italian tomatoes, to the buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, the best cured meats, all measured ensuring every flavour can be tasted on each individual pizza.

Our Business

Donnelli’s Pizzeria has brought about this exciting opportunity to the market from public demand. When Donnelli’s opened for trade it was an instant success, through time we at Donnelli’s have worked to iron out problems that arise within a new business, placing a simple system within our proven, profitable business module.

Donnelli’s Pizzeria brings Italy to your chosen area, bringing the true taste of Italian pizzas with our recipe, experience and training you will be serving the best full flavoured pizzas customers just keep coming back to.

Norwich has a vast range of food from around the globe, to take these people on WE had to have something that Norwich had only tasted on holiday in Italy - a big ask! But at Donnelli’s we achieved just that, with a great understanding of our product, customer care, relaxing environment, people love to experience the authentic Italian Pizzeria on their doorstep.

Remember, people LOVE pizza!


Donnelli’s Pizzeria - Franchise Opportunity
Donnelli’s Pizzeria - Franchise Opportunity
Donnelli’s Pizzeria - Franchise Opportunity

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We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us via telephone, email or web form.

Available Franchise Locations :
• Avon
• Bedfordshire
• Berkshire
• Buckinghamshire
• Cambridgeshire
• Cheshire
• Cleveland
• Cornwall
• Cumbria
• Derbyshire
• Devon
• Dorset
• Durham
• East Sussex
• Essex
• Gloucestershire
• Hampshire
• Herefordshire
• Hertfordshire
• Isle of Wight
• Kent
• Lancashire
• Leicestershire
• Lincolnshire
• London
• Merseyside
• Middlesex
• Northamptonshire
• Northumberland
• North Humberside
• North Yorkshire
• Nottinghamshire
• Oxfordshire
• Rutland
• Shropshire
• Somerset
• South Humberside
• South Yorkshire
• Staffordshire
• Suffolk
• Surrey
• Tyne and Wear
• Warwickshire
• West Midlands
• West Sussex
• West Yorkshire
• Wiltshire
• Worcestershire
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